UPESI ONLINEĀ is a logistics digital platform that connects commodities to consumers conveniently and efficiently. The platform relies on an ecosystem that is comprised of efficient courier representatives, merchants and quality products in order to deliver exceptional and unmatched logistic services to customers. In addition, UPESI ONLINE allows merchants to list and promote various quality products ranging from household items, electronics, books, stationery, beauty products and clothes to various customers. The platform is managed by a team that has over 50 years of experience retail distribution, marketing, management and strategy.

MISSION: Delivering quality products to your consumers conveniently and efficiently

VISION: To be the most trusted online logistic platform

Our Offering

  • Affordable and reliable logistics services for consumer based commodities
  • Effective promotional channel for consumer commodities
  • Quality customer service for your customers

How to integrate your business with UPESIONLINE;

  1. Signup for our free dedicated delivery service
  2. Schedule for a free platform management training program
  3. List your products onĀ upesionline.com
  4. Update and monitor stock on our platform